Mardi Gras

Bread-making at the French Club sponsored MARDI GRAS party!

Come join the French Club – Le Cercle Français – at JCU!

We are planning many excursions and events for you including…

  • A visit to the Cleveland Museum of Art to see the French Collections!
  • Meeting late afternoons or evenings for “un peu de café et de conversation.”
  • Field trips to sites of French interest.
  • Viewing French films.
  • “Les Boums” – parties and other social get-togethers!
  • Information sessions on Spring Break trips to Paris or Québec (open to all)
  • Volunteer peer tutoring for JCU students.

Watch this website or check for on-campus flyers for announcements of events!

Some events that Le Cercle Français is planning on doing or has done recently:

  • Moulin Rouge Dance
  • Kappa Kiss Dance
  • Le Petit Triangle “restaurant français” excursion
  • Visit to the 19th century Impressionist artist Mary Cassatt exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art
  • French movie nights
  • “Midnight in Paris” Late Night event

Le Cercle Français Officers – 2017-2018

Présidente (et Coordinatrice d’évènements): Rose Dolan
Vice-Présidente: Mychaela Lauria
Secrétaire: Margaret (Molly) McAfee
Trésorière: Mychaela Lauria

Le Cercle Français Officers – 2016-2017

Presidente: Brooke McQuinn
Vice-Présidente: Mychaela Lauria
Secrétaire: Margaret (Molly) McAfee
Trésorière: Mychaela Lauria
Coordinatrice d’évènements: Margaret (Molly) McAfee

Le Cercle Français Officers – 2015-2016

Président: Silas Ifeanyi
Vice-Présidente: Ashley Johenning
Secrétaire: Ellen Ulinski
Trésorière: Ashley Johenning
Coordinatrice d’évènements: Rose Dolan

Le Cercle Français Officers – 2014-2015

Président: Devonte Foy
Vice-Président: Zachary Zippert
Secrétaire: Lauren Blommel
Trésorier: Silas Ifeanyi
Officière de Relations Publiques: Mberry Seck

Le Cercle Français Officers – 2012-2013

Présidente: Hanna Dela Cerna
Vice-Présidente: Lark Moore
Secrétaire: Peter McNamara
Trésorière: Jenna Elswick
Officière de Relations Publiques: Claire Ba

Faculty Moderator:
Martha Pereszlenyi-Pinter, Ph.D.
O’Malley Center 133

Le Petit Triangle French restaurant

Students/French Club members enjoying a delicious French dinner at Le Petit Triangle French restaurant