Lecturer in Spanish
Degrees: B.S., Georgetown University; M.A., Cleveland State University; M.A.; St. Mary Graduate School of Theology

Jaime Pavlish is an adjunct instructor of Spanish in his third year at John Carroll. He has a BS in Linguistics from Georgetown University, an MA in Spanish from Cleveland State, and an MA from St. Mary Graduate School of Theology. He has taught classes in Beginning Spanish at Cleveland State, Lake Erie College, Lakeland, and Ursuline College. He has taught Intermediate Spanish and independent studies in Modern Spanish Literature and Spanish Translation at Lake Erie College.

Jaime’s interests include language and World Literature, poetry, natural history, ethnology, and literary translation. He has translated and published several essays of the Hungarian writer Dezso Kosztolanyi.

He has spent extensive time living and studying abroad in Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, Hungary and England, and has traveled in several other countries.