Celebration of Scholarship Poster Template (42″H x 56″W)

Generic Poster Template (42″H x 56″W)

No personal posters will be printed. There is a $20 charge for posters on regular bond paper and a $30 charge on glossy paper. (Download the above files by selecting the “Save” button after you click on the links.)

General Directions for Making a Large Poster for Conference Presentations

Download the preferred template from above.

The templates have the following settings which can be modified as you choose:

  • The title box uses Times New Roman as the font at a font size of 150.
  • A general text box set to use Times New Roman at a size of 56 and bulleted, indented text.
  • To facilitate the placement of your text, the Snap Objects to Grid and Guide settings are turned on.

General Guidelines for Creating Your Poster

To add Text Boxes, select Insert/TextBox and click in the general location on the slide where you want the box to be.  Select the font you want to use (Times New Roman is easiest to read) and the size you want to use. You can change the size depending on how much information you want to put on the poster. Too much information is not good. People should be able to read your entire poster in five minutes or less.

Make a text box for each of the sections of your poster (Abstract, Introduction, Method, etc.).

Place your text boxes in three or four columns. The grid lines and guide lines help you do this.

If you have a graph you have made in SPSS or some other program, you can insert it as a picture using Insert/Picture from File and locating where you have saved it.

For tables, make a table as you would in Word.

To make a graph in PowerPoint select Insert/Chart, a spreadsheet appears into which you can insert your data. (3D bar graphs lack precision so reduce the width of the bars to the minimum possible.)

To view your completed poster in miniature, select File/Print and check Scale to Fit Paper, then click OK. This can also be used as your handout at the poster session.

When completed, you can email the file to helpdesk@jcu.edu or bring it to the fourth floor of Rodman Hall on a flash drive or CD to have it printed. If you email the powerpoint file you should include what type of paper you want it printed on. There is a $20 charge for posters on regular bond paper and a $30 charge on glossy paper. You should also specify in the email how you are going to pay for the poster.