Step 1

Run the Setup a Google Apps Sync User program under All Programs. When it opens, it will ask you for the username and password of the Gmail account that was setup. Put in the information and click Continue.

When it signs in, Click Create Profile.

Once it is done, click Start Microsoft Outlook and the new Gmail profile will show up.

Click OK on the Choose profile screen

Outlook will open up and begin to sync. This may take quite some time so go and start another transfer.

Then right click the  icon in the tray and select Set mailbox size limit.

Then select unlimited and click OK.

Add any department or specialty email accounts on as a delegate account if it has been configured. If not, call the Help Desk to get it moved over.

Once it has synced, have the Help Desk double check everything and correct any mistakes that were made.

Step 2 (Not always needed)

If you need to setup a department account as well, follow these instructions.

Go to the File tab, select Add Account at the top.

Check on “Manually configure server settings or additional server types” and click Next.

Select Internet E-Mail (this should be the default), and click Next.

Insert the above information, substituting your user name and password for the one listed above.

Then click More Settings and check the box under Outgoing Server.

And then make the Advanced tab look like this!

Make sure to uncheck the box labeled “Test Account Settings by clicking the button,” then click Next.

Click Finish and then allow the mailbox to sync fully before proceeding.