Hoonuit (previously Atomic Learning) provides short, easy-to-use web-based tutorials on more than 250 common software and operating systems, including Adobe Creative Suite, Google Drive, Mac OS X, Microsoft Office Suite, Twitter, Windows, and more! You can also go beyond the ‘how-to’ with workshops, career skills, and college success training that is specifically designed to teach faculty, staff, and students how to best implement soft skills in personal life, courses, and educational careers.

  • Staff – Use Hoonuit for supplemental professional development and on-the-job assistance.
  • Faculty – Use Hoonuit in your syllabus or consider using the tutorials yourself.
  • Students – Use Hoonuit to stay current in your courses or for classes that require additional software skills.

With Hoonuit, you can learn at your own pace and access course content anytime, 24/7, from your University computer, personal computer, mobile device or tablet.

For assistance accessing Hoonuit, contact the JCU Service Desk at 216-397-3005 or submit a support request.