Guide to Computer & Data Security – As our University and society become increasingly data dependent, it becomes imperative that we proactively safeguard our information. This guide will highlight the data we steward, the reasons we are compelled to protect it, and processes for protecting that data. We will look at methods used by bad actors attempting to purloin our data, discuss password strength, multi-factor authentication, malware protection, file & folder security, encryption, and other methods of safeguarding our information assets.

Top 10 Security Tips

  1. Install antivirus software
  2. Create strong passwords
  3. Enable Two-Factor Authentication
  4. Secure your mobile devices
  5. Keep your devices updated
  6. Lock or log off unattended devices
  7. Download files legally
  8. Beware of phishing scams
  9. Limit your public presence online
  10. Be careful what you store online


Symantec is no longer available for students because free products like Sophos Home are available.