The Information Technology Services Department provides a wide range of systems, software and services to students, faculty, staff and administrative users.

ITS Personnel

Michael Bestul Chief Information Officer
Stephanie Herzberger Budgeting and Purchasing Coordinator
James Burke Associate CIO
George Alaimo Senior Multimedia Specialist
Michael MacDonald Instructional Media Designer & Videographer
Jay Tarby Center for Digital Media Faculty Liaison
David Kaleal Director, System & Network Operations
LaMarr Parker Associate Director Network Systems
Nick Marino Application and Systems Engineer
James Spitznagel Data Security Engineer
John Stankiewicz Senior Systems Engineer
Bill Wilhelm Telecommunications Specialist
William Barker Director, Customer Service Operations
Vacant Manager, Help Desk Services
John Jordan Helpdesk Technical Support Specialist
John Kaminsky Classroom Technical Support Specialist
Beau Lem Client Systems Specialist
Je Lem Client Support/System Engineer
Langston Maclin Client Systems Specialist
Marilyn Thomas Client Systems Specialist
Vacant Client Systems Specialist
John Reebel Director, Applications Development
Dennis Rowinski Coordinator, Special IT Projects
Charlotte Moore Oracle Database Administrator
Tish Michalak Oracle Application Developer / Financial Aid
Ken Brownlie Oracle Web Application Developer
Alex Klayman Oracle Application Developer
Bob Niemocienski Oracle Application Developer
Swetha Bakshi Web Developer


ITS Organization Chart