About ITS
John Carroll University’s Information Technology Services (ITS) department is led by the Chief Information Officer, and comprised of several distinct areas (see org chart link below) that support all of the information technology used on the campus and beyond, including telecommunications and networking, software applications, teaching and learning technologies, and desktop and server hardware. A service desk is also provided to assist members of the John Carroll community with technology questions and problems encountered.

Office of the CIO
Performs overall management and oversight of the ITS budget, project priorities, IT governance and communications with the campus community, and planning (operational and strategic).

Customer Service Operations
Provides support for the campus community through the JCU Help Desk (216.397.3005) and a group of professional technicians. The Customer Service Operations area is the “front door” to ITS, and serves as the conduit for reporting problems, issues, and making requests for new services. The focus of this group is primarily desktop and end-user device support (including mobile devices), both in offices and classroom/labs.

System and Network Operations
Provides support for the data center server deployment as well as all network, telecommunications, and CATV (Res Halls) technologies in use. This group is also responsible for overall JCU IT security and monitoring of technology threats and vulnerabilities. JCU’s System and Network Operations group makes heavy use of virtualization to provide for maximum utilization of our server deployment.

Applications Development
Provides support for Banner and related administrative enterprise-level applications, including the underlying Oracle database management system (DBMS). The list of enterprise level systems supported is too long to include here, but some key systems in addition to Banner include Argos (reporting tool), Adirondack (housing, parking, and student judicial system), and mobile apps.

Center for Digital Media (CDM)
Provides support for teaching and learning technology in use on campus, and basic Research and Development for future technologies. Faculty training and consultation is offered on an ongoing basis to assist faculty with using the latest technologies in JCU courses. Video production is also offered. This group collaborates closely with the Center for Faculty Development in order to help JCU realize its full potential through technology in the classroom and beyond.