Many of the staff at John Carroll have had the opportunity to live or travel overseas, and we know that feeling of both excitement and concern that students may have when they first come to a foreign country. It is because of this that we talk about “Soft Landings” at John Carroll.

The Soft Landings Program is our comprehensive support program designed to help international students with their transition to the United States, to Ohio, and to the JCU community. The program ensures that when you arrive at John Carroll University, we will help ensure a soft, warm, and welcoming landing.

Program Phases

Pre-Travel Orientation and Transition: We try to address many of your questions and concerns before you leave your home country.

  • Assistance from your hand-selected peer mentor with your questions about campus life. Your peer mentor will give you the student perspective on how to pack and prepare for your transition to JCU.
  • Advice from your hand-selected academic advisor as you start to plan for your academic work at our University.
  • Support from our internationally focused staff for your questions on paperwork and requirements.
  • Communication with your local host family as you make your travel arrangements and plans for your arrival.

On-campus Orientation: International students move in to their residence halls two weeks before the start of the academic year and take part in two sequential orientations. The first orientation:

  • Familiarizes you with our campus and resources, including tours and workshops with on-campus offices and an international student welcome dinner.
  • Introduces you to the our local neighborhood and the city of Cleveland during off-campus trips to famous sites such as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  • Allows you to connect with your peers through fun and engaging activities with other international students, your peer mentor, your host family, and our staff.

The second orientation is for all new students and gives you the opportunity to meet the new U.S. students, sign up for clubs and activities, and prepare for your first semester at JCU.

First Semester Support: As you begin your studies at John Carroll, we make sure that you are set with a strong foundation of support and care.

  • Guided course registration and scheduled meetings with your academic advisor help to ensure that you are on track and successful in your studies.
  • A first semester course schedule tailored to each individual student helps to minimize academic obstacles many students face during their first year on a U.S. campus. We consider the differing levels of academic and English language preparation that international students might have and create a schedule that suits their needs.
  • Continued help from your peer mentor on matters inside and outside of the classroom helps you to be completely comfortable at JCU. Whether you have concerns related to campus, the community, or academics, your peer mentor will be here to answer questions and provide assistance.
  • Social and cultural events intended to help you meet and make friends as well as to learn about the culture of Cleveland and of the U.S.