The Common Application is an accepted standard application for admission to just over 400 American universities. We have prepared these additional guidelines to help you understand how to fill out the application. We also have offered some suggestions on the specific John Carroll questions that you will need to answer. It is useful to print out the Common Application and follow the advice below for each section as you review the application. If you are unsure of any other questions or the appropriate ways to complete the form, please contact us with your concerns.

You can access a pdf copy of the application here or print out these directions and complete the Common Application online by visiting

The Common Application APPLICANT section

1. Your mailing address: The Common Application currently only provides two Street Address lines. Please make every attempt to include your complete address detail on these two lines. If your address does not completely fit, please contact our admission staff and we can suggest the best way to ensure JCU has your proper mailing address. Note: During the admission process, most of our communication with you will be via e-mail/Skype. We will need your accurate mailing address at the time of acceptance to John Carroll for mailings related to your enrollment and transition to the U.S.

2. U.S. SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, if any. This is not a required field on the Common Application. If you are not U.S. citizen or a dual citizen with the U.S., you should leave this field blank. JCU will ask for your valid passport number once you confirm your decision to enroll at our university and we need to issue your visa papers.

The Common Application FUTURE PLANS section

COLLEGE: If not already enrolled at a different university, list JOHN CARROLL on this line.
DEADLINE: This field should be left blank as John Carroll will simply review your application once received.
ENTRY TERM: John Carroll semesters begin in late August (fall semester) or January (spring semester). International students can begin in either of these two terms. However we encourage a fall semester start. Enter either FALL or SPRING for this field based on your desired semester to begin studies at John Carroll.
DECISION PLAN: Select “Rolling Admission.” John Carroll is a rolling admission university: we review applications on a continual and ongoing basis (“rolling”).

The Common Application FAMILY section

Parent 1: Enter information in this section for either your mother or your father.
Parent 2: Enter information for your other parent in these fields.
Legal Guardian: Only complete the legal guardian section if you did not complete the parent 1 and parent 2 section.

The Common Application ACADEMICS section

School type: If you attend a public/state institution, select public. If you attend a private (non-religious based) school, select independent. If your school is private/religious, select religious.
Secondary school education interrupted: Only complete this section if your education was interrupted for a full academic semester (four months) or longer. For example, if you were home because of illness and did not attend school for more than four months.

The Common Application TESTS section

International students should list all standardized testing taken that demonstrates your preparation for studies in the United States. You should list all of the tests that you have taken (or plan to take) on this section of the Common Application. You will write in your results of testing, if the results are known. Note: you are still required to submit official copies of the results of standardized testing taken.

At least one of the following tests is required for admission:
TOEFL (preferred minimum scores: 550 paper-based, 79 internet based)
IELTS (preferred minimum score: 6.5)
College Board SAT (minimum scores of 500 in each section)
ACT (minimum composite score of 21)

The Common Application HONORS section

In this section please list any academic awards, contests, or awards of distinction that you have earned. Examples can include: Honor Societies, “Number One Student Attendance,” or “Science Test Winner.”

The Common Application ACTIVITIES section

In this section, we hope to learn about the things you enjoy doing with your time beyond your school work. This section will help us to see that John Carroll offers the types of activities that will interest you. List the activities that are meaningful to you. You do not need to complete all of the lines.
Example #1: If you enjoy hiking, complete this question as follows “Hiking – I enjoy nature…”

Example #2: If you volunteered to rebuild homes following earthquakes, complete the question as this example: “I went to Chengdu to help earthquake survivors…”

The Common Application WRITING section

Complete the short answer only if you feel you need to explain your activities or background to our admission staff in more detail. Sometimes the title of the activity you provided might not be clear to others.

The Common Application PERSONAL ESSAY section

Your personal essay is a recent writing sample of your own work in English for our admission committee. John Carroll encourages international students to choose question 2, 3, or 5 of the Common Application choices. These questions will help us learn more about you personally.

The Common Application ADDITIONAL INFORMATION section

Is there anything about you that is not addressed in other parts of the Common Application? Students should complete this section if you want our admission staff to understand you and your interest in John Carroll before we make our admission decision. Examples of completing this section include:
Tell us about your interest or connections with wanting to study in Cleveland, Ohio.
If you are not pleased with your testing results, please share your extenuating circumstances.
If your academic performance in a specific semester or year is low, please explain in this section.

The Common Application SIGNATURE section

Application Fee Payment: John Carroll University does not have an Application Fee. There is no cost to apply other than mailing costs if you use the printed Common Application. You should leave this question blank for John Carroll.

These are the primary questions that are sometimes unique to international students. If you have any further questions about our admission process, be sure to visit our Frequent Questions page.

Good luck! We look forward to reading your completed application for admission soon.