Admission to John Carroll University is competitive and based on many factors. The United States admission system differs from many other countries; admission is based on various factors and not just performance or testing results. We focus on what is known as a “holistic” admission process and consider all these factors in making our decision:

  • Your testing
  • Your classroom performance and grades
  • Your writing and verbal abilities

The sum of all these factors helps us make a decision about your admission to the University. The offer of admission to John Carroll comes with our confidence in your ability to succeed here. For applicants interested in studying at the undergraduate level who require additional time to improve their English before starting their studies at John Carroll, we offer conditional acceptance through various pathways.

It is important to apply as early as possible before you intend to study at John Carroll. International applicants are highly encouraged to apply for admission more than sixty (60) days before their intended starting semester to allow sufficient time for us to review materials as well as handle all the facets of your transition to studying in the United States.

The deadlines, admission requirements, and transfer credit information outlined below are specific to international students interested in undergraduate study. If you are interested in postgraduate, transfer, or exchange programs, please refer to the bottom of the page.


Deadlines for Application:

  • International Priority Deadline: February 1
  • Regular Fall (August) Semester: Apply by May 1
  • Spring (January) Semester: Apply by October 1
Admission Requirements:
  1. Completed Common Application with written essay/personal statement.
  2. Official academic transcripts and records.
  3. Official results of standardized testing (one or more of the following tests: TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, or ACT).
  4. Copy of your passport.
  • TOEFL, SAT- JCU testing code: 1342
  • ACT- JCU testing code: 3282
Advanced Standing:
First year students who have completed AP exams, IB exams, or A-level courses may be eligible for transfer credit. The number of credits awarded depends on marks on relevant exams.
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Exams
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma/Exams
  • GCE and IGCSE A-level Results:  British and Cambridge Advanced Level examinations are well-established and internationally recognized. At John Carroll University, credit is awarded for A-level examinations provided certain requirements are met. In order for students to awarded credit, students must submit to John Carroll their official A-level score results accompanied by appropriate subject descriptions. Ideally a syllabus of the courses should also be provided. Credit is awarded on a selective basis.

* More Information:

  • Students interested in transferring to JCU from another college or university at the undergraduate level should go here.
  • Students interested in our Master’s degree programs at the graduate level should begin here.
  • Students interested in participating in one of our approved exchange programs, complete and return the Application for International Exchange Student Admission.
Good luck!