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At John Carroll University, admission decisions are made based on a combination of factors and not just performance or testing results. Therefore, applicants interested in studying at the undergraduate level and who do not meet John Carroll’s minimum TOEFL or IELT scores are welcome to apply to the university. Students with test results that are lower than our preferred minimums may or may not receive an offer of admission after thorough review of their complete application. For applicants who are deemed with an insufficient level of English proficiency, you may receive an offer of conditional acceptance instead. (*Applicants interested in studying at the graduate level, please refer to the Graduate Studies page for details on required English proficiency).

When a student is offered conditional acceptance, John Carroll University is extending admission to the university provided that the student successfully meets a required level of course work which equates to a level of acceptable English proficiency. We offer a number of pathways that applicants can choose to accomplish their required English improvement. Depending on which pathway the student chooses, the terms and conditions of their letter of conditional acceptance will vary. Regardless of which pathway you might choose, the letter of conditional acceptance will clearly state the English requirements for that particular pathway.