The Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) is the foremost association for planning in higher education.  SCUP produces periodic reports and publishes a journal titled: Planning in Higher Education.  Below is a sampling of these periodic reports and journal articles.  If you are interested in more, please visit the SCUP homepage.

Trends for Higher Education: Are you Prepared for Tomorrow’s Students?

Succeeding at Planning: Results from the 2015 Survey of Higher Ed Leaders

The Economic Value of Liberal Education

Planning in a Field That Changes Rapidly and Disrupts Everything

SCUP Academy Council: Report on Trends in Higher Education Planning Jan 2013 

SCUP: Academy Council Report to the Board Jan 2012

Reference Group Formation Using the Nearest Neighbor Method

Impact of Mobile Computing: Anticipating the Effects on the Campus

Change Agent Leadership

Placing Education at the Heart of Higher Education Planning

Unbundling the Issue of Faculty Productivity

Transforming in an Age of Disruptive Change: Part 2

Transforming in an Age of Disruptive Change: Part 1

Unbundling Versus Designing Faculty Roles

Unbundling the Issue of Productivity

Trends For Higher Education: Looking at the External Environment