Office of Institutional Effectiveness

The fundamental purpose of academic and administrative program review is to promote and maintain academic and operational excellence, and to also ensure that co-curricular activities, services and administrative processes are being efficiently administered and working in ways consistent with the University’s mission and values. The review process, therefore, permits all units to craft clearly articulated goals for which measurable outcomes are identified and are systematically assessed.

Administrative program review provides an opportunity for units to identify areas of strength and address areas that need improvement and is also an important source of information for making resource allocation decisions. Accordingly, at each level of the review process (unit, director/dean, vice president), recommendations will be made that the University preserve the strengths of particular departments or address specific weaknesses. The primary goal is to ensure that the process improves institutional effectiveness in realizing the mission of John Carroll University.

Program review is an ongoing process involving the vice presidents, directors, managers, and staff concerned with meeting the stated goals and objectives of an administrative unit. The guidelines established will ensure that evaluation of each department will occur formally at regular intervals. This document describes the guidelines for the systematic evaluation of all administrative units at John Carroll University.

Below is the administrative program review template and related materials, institutional timeline for program reviews, and rubric for reviewing program reviews.

AdPR Template 2016-2017

Program Review Rubric

Goals, Objectives, and Tactics Worksheet

Timeline for Administrative Program Review