Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion

Current Members

For student organization recognition, reporting, funding requests, campus room reservations, and travel requests click here.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Organization/leadership shouldn’t be a burden: share responsibilities
  • Include first and second years in leadership positions
  • Always refer to the organization’s mission/purpose when planning programs (i.e. where are the tutoring sessions/study breaks/relaxation/mentoring/etc.)
  • Know your past to move forward and become better and stronger
  • Update your Facebook, Twitter information
  • Be creative, find ways to save funding for BIG events that require a lot of resources (i.e. utilize the Budget Board- they should be your first source of funding)
  • Remember why you joined the organization
  • Build a relationship with the CSDI: we are here for you!



To aid the university in managing student organization information better, Presidents are now required to create and update their organization’s roster to accurately portray all students participating in cultural student organizations.┬áTo learn more about this new requirement click here.