Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion

Cultural Student Organization Checklist

Here are basic things organizations should do to be successful and active at JCU!

New Organizations

  1. Encourage your members to join your group on Facebook, Twitter, etc!
  2. Review the resources on this and the Office of Student Engagement website.
  3. Become familiar with the funding guidelines and policies for the Student Organization Budget Board.
  4. Set an organization meeting time and stick to it!
  5. Delegate tasks to members and make them feel included when coordinating events.
  6. Keep your advisor in the loop.
  7. Ask questions!


Recognized Organizations


  1. Attend the Cultural Student Organization Workshop: Saturday 1/30/16.
  2. Set up a consistent meeting time schedule.  Post these up in the CSDI Lounge and with the CSDI website.
  3. Share yearly goals with advisor and CSDI.
  4. Put SOBB meetings and other deadlines on your calendar.



  1. Consider hosting a pre-midterm CSDI Lounge Study Jam session.
  2. Consider applying for the Diversity Programming Fund.  Click here for the application.



  1. Mid-year check up – are you achieving your goals?
  2. Update your advisor and CSDI with your progress.
  3. Complete reports as necessary (e.g. Late Night Programming Grant Event report).



  1. Attend the Multicultural Recognition Program: Friday, April 25, 2016.
  2. Hold elections for new President, VP, Financial Officer, Secretary, and Marketing/PR positions.
  3. Consider hosting a CSDI Lounge Study Jam session pre-finals week.



  1. Update your organization’s profile on social media.
  2. Recruit new members at the Student Involvement Fair (early Sept): Friday, September 12
  3. Invite new members to join your group on social media.



  1. Submit nominations for the “Of the Year” awards.
  2. Consider applying for a Late Night Programming Grant. Click here for application.
  3. Consider applying for a Mandel Foundation Grant.
  4. Hold elections for new President, VP, Financial Officer, Secretary, and Marketing/PR positions.



  1. Complete organization election as outlined in your constitution.


Visit the Office of Student Engagement for more information.