Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion

For Student Organizations

African American Alliance
The purpose of African American Alliance,is to promote the recognition and involvement of African American students, students of African descent and students of other ethnicities at John Carroll University. The organization holds the intention of creating a strong voice on campus and to make an impact on the decisions regarding students of the JCU Community.  
African Dounia
The purpose of African Dounia seeks to promote the African continent, and its beautiful cultures and traditions.
Agia Sophia
This cultural group aims to promote Hellenic history, traditions, and culture throughout the campus of John Carroll University with the ultimate purpose of engaging and informing.  It also aims at bringing the members of the group closer to their Hellenic (Greek/Grecian) heritage and roots.  This group is not connected to Fraternity and Sorority Life. 
Allies is a group of LGBTQ persons and their supporters. We believe in the freedom and equality of all individuals and work to promote this in our daily lives. 
Latin American Student Assocation (LASA)
The primary purpose of LASA is to provide the opportunity for students of Latin American heritage and their friends to meet on a regular basis, organize activities, and increase the number of Latin American students on campus and the awareness of our presence and value to the University at large.  
Middle Eastern Student Association (MESA)
The purpose of the Middle Eastern Student Association (M.E.S.A.) of John Carroll University shall be to promote cultural, social, and educational activities in order to establish a greater awareness of the Middle East in the John Carroll community, as well as bringing students of all cultures together as an organization. 
Realizing Your Love For Cultures of the East (RICE)
The purpose of RICE shall be to expose the students of John Carroll to various aspects of East Asian culture through events and activities that promote knowledge of this region and allow students to experience it first-hand. 
Le Cercle Francais (French Club)
This organization was created to give students who are interested in the French language and French culture a place to get involved and learn more about the subject and intereact with others who also have an interest in the French Culture. It was also created to give students who want to get involved more on campus a place where they could come up with their ideas, be listen to, make new friends and have a positive semester on campus. The Organization tries to get more involved on campus by having activities such a Mardi Gras dance or Chrismas get together where every JCU students and their can come to. Le Cercle Francais was also created to bring a sense of community with each JCU students. 
Italian Club
The Italian Club allows JCU students to share with others their love for the Italian culture. For more information how to get involved, email the president at 
Supporting Jewish students in the expression of their identity and providing opportunities for non-Jewish students to enhance their understanding of the Jewish world.