Asalamulikum (peace be upon you all)

On behalf of Muslim Student Society MSS would like to condemn the attack that had occurred on Friday, March 15th 2019. We condemns the violent criminal act and hate crime, perpetrated on house of worships in Christchurch, New Zealand singled out for their religious beliefs. We stand with our brothers and sisters in this time of grief, and call upon law enforcement in New Zealand to bring the perpetrators to justice using the full force of the law.

Our condolences to the bereaved families and friends. We make Dua (prayers) that God grant the ones who passed away highest place in paradise and ease the pain & suffering of their loved ones. As stated in the Quran “Do not say that those who are killed in God’s cause are dead; they are alive, though you do not realize it.” (Quran 2:154) We pray that God brings some good from this tragedy.


With that being said a few announcements:
1. Our Muslim Student Society email is currently down and we are working with Information Technology help desk to get it up and running again
2. There have been requests for a vigil/service prayer/ monument be done/place in light of what has happened. I will be in contact with campus ministry to plan something as soon as possible. 
3. Lastly and most importantly  we would like to invite you on Wednesday, March 20th Muslim Student Society will be sponsoring an event called “Tea Time for Peace” in the LSC room in the student center. Doors will open and registration will begin at 6 pm and the event will begin at 6:45.

Teatime for Peace” is an initiative that grew out of the desire to counterbalance the political rhetoric of divisiveness and fear directed against American Muslims.

With approximately 70 percent of Americans not knowing anyone who is Muslim, or having little accurate information about Islam, it can be easy to listen to the voices of negativity, prejudice and fear. After what has happened in New Zealand it’s our job as Muslims to do our part and educate people of what it means to be a Muslim and show people who real Muslims are. We encourage both Muslims and Non-Muslims/ followers of other faiths to please attend.

The topics of the table conversations will include sharing our family history in the U.S., ways in which our faith traditions inspire us to improve our community, and things we can do to promote mutual respect and understanding.

I hope you all can attend that please stay tuned for more announcements to come.
On behalf of Muslim Student Society Board we wish you a good weekend.
Posted on March 15, 2019