In recognition of Latinx Heritage Month, this is a special collaboration between the Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion, Grasselli Library, the Mexican Consulate of Detroit, and the Centro Mexicano de Cleveland. Exhibit will be up in the Grasselli Library Gallery (next to The Library Help Desk) from 9/21/18 to 10/15/18. Exhibit is open during library hours. Special gratitude to Lourdes Sanchez, Jose Francisco Casas Leon, and Amy Wainwright.

Photo exhibit summary: The kitchen and dining room are places where gourmet chemistry is invented for guests. They are places where the mix of aromas submerges you in the tasting of flavors and give rise to the perception
of textures. They are also cultural worlds where diverse people converge; a social happening and an exchange of expressions that shape our day to day, finding in the rhythm of dining one of the most essential human expressions.

The kitchen, the art of cooking, and photography are, at first sight, human activities that seemingly have no relation. Nevertheless, cooking’s main purpose is to gather the community. Photography, for its part, reflects the origin, therefore exposing the ritual and extolling what has been cooked. Since the early twentieth century, photography in advertising has accomplished these functions. Photojournalism and documentary photography worked well together to emphasize and access a place where savoring and relishing take place within a large spectrum of social circumstances.

The following selection presents the world of the kitchen, the dining room, and all the places that have been improvised for that matter, either as a necessity or for a social event. Likewise, these pictures show the various protagonists who create the art of food, the communities that shape the ritual of eating. Ordinary men and women satisfying their gustatory and social preferences, without getting indigestion by stuffing culture into their mouths.

by Ignacio Gutiérrez Ruvalcaba (Translation Mariana Castellanos and Consulate General of Mexico in Montreal).

Posted on August 31, 2018