Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion


  1. November is Native American Heritage Month

    What started at the turn of the century as an effort to gain a day of recognition for the significant contributions the first Americans made to the establishment and growth of the U.S., has resulted in a whole month being designated for that purpose. One of the very proponents of an American Indian Day was […]

CSDI Calendar

  1. Feb 10

    Film Screening: TOUGH LOVE

    What makes a good parent? How do you prove you are responsible after you’ve been deemed unfit? Screenings at 12p* & 5:30p | Both @ Jardine Room

  2. Mar 16

    Film Screening: DON’T TELL ANYONE

    A 24 year-old activist for undocumented youth steps out of the shadows and shares her story of sexual abuse, an experience all too common among undocumented women. Screenings at 12p and 5:30p | Jardine Room

  3. Apr 29

    Multicultural Recognition Program

    The event is designed to recognize multi-cultural student who are: graduating seniors, cultural student leaders, students on the dean’s list, and students with a 3.0+ GPA. Participation by invitation only.