Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion


  1. Ugandan Water Project

    Christian Brandetsas is a senior Business Management major and Leadership Development minor at John Carroll University in Cleveland, OH. After being blessed with the opportunity to go on two mission trips outside of the United States in his collegiate career at John Carroll, one of the biggest injustices he has seen outside of the States […]

  2. Every Conflict Isn’t Bullying

    One of the things that can be scary about teaching is the possibility that our students won’t engage or relate to what we’re trying to teach. All educators face this reality, but those of us who do bullying prevention programs are particularly at risk. You know why? Because after fourth grade, many students are tired […]

  3. Challenging Biased Language

    On a daily basis—in the lunchroom, at the grocery store, in school hallways and even at home—people hear and sometimes use words and phrases that demean, ridicule or demonstrate ignorance about people from different groups and backgrounds. Regardless of whether the comments are deliberately malicious, said out of ignorance or thought to be a joke, […]

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