Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion


  1. Congratulations Seniors!


    We honor your diverse journeys to a successful completion of your studies.  Remember those who nurtured you, caught you when you stumbled, encouraged you, struggled with you, taught you, learned from you, were inspired by your determination, and now applaud your victories. Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations to all graduating seniors!


    Felicidades (Spanish), Gong Xi (Chinese),  Félicitations (French),  Glückwünsche (German),  Congratulazioni (Italian), Gelukwens (Dutch), Parabéns (Portuguese), Поздравления (Russian), Congratulations (Norwegian), Omedetou  (Japanese), Mubarak ho (Urdu), Badhai ho (Hindi), and Pagbati (Filipino)!

CSDI Calendar

  1. Apr 29

    Multicultural Recognition Program

    The event is designed to recognize multi-cultural student who are: graduating seniors, cultural student leaders, students on the dean’s list, and students with a 3.0+ GPA. Participation by invitation only.