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  1. October is LGBTQ History Month

    Teaching Tolerance’s edition of The Moment this month includes their brand-new guide to serving LGBTQ students—complete with tips for bringing LGBTQ history into your curriculum. They also are debuting their new podcast Queer America (which features the stories of queer life we should have learned in school) and to honor Matthew Shepard, who died 20 years ago this […]

  2. Free Speech or Hate Speech?

    In light of several recent campus publications, we are providing resources to help students understand what free speech and hate speech are and how to navigate these tricky times. Speech on Campus (by American Civil Liberties Union). Hate speech is protected free speech, even on college campuses- My students trust colleges to control offensive speech. […]

  3. What Is White Privilege, Really?

    Recognizing white privilege begins with truly understanding the term itself. Click here to read the entire article by Teaching Tolerance’s Cory Collins.

  4. This Halloween: Be Cool

    It’s that time of year…. Halloween! Most of us love it!. Trick or Treat, seeing the excitement in children, haunted houses, candy (oh the candy!) and dressing up in outrageous costumes. But with all the fun comes responsibility and respect. As the date approaches and parties start, I wish to take this opportunity to remind […]

  5. All Together Today and Tomorrow Panel

    All Together, Today and Tomorrow Panel was hosted during the Streak Week on August 24th, 2018. Below is the video from 2018’s Panel and experiences from panelists: 

CSDI Calendar

  1. Oct 17

    Film Screening: The Normal Heart

    In 1980s New York, a writer & his friends join forces to expose the truth about the emerging AIDs crisis to both the government & the gay community. 6p @ LSC Conference Room

  2. Oct 18

    Career Chats

    held every Thursday from 2-4 p.m. at CSDI Office.