Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion


  1. AAA Demands & President’s Response

    The African American Alliance at John Carroll University decided that they will no longer stand by as their needs are overlooked on campus. They have been shown repeatedly by administrative decisions through their years of enrollment that black students do not matter to JCU.  This reality is in direct conflict with the vision, mission, and […]

  2. To Advisors of First Gen Students: Tell the Truth

    I can still vividly remember my first days on campus as a first generation, first gen, college student. How lush and expansive if felt in comparison to the slums of Cleveland. This was a whole new world literally, and I was new in it. I had made it from poverty to the rolling lawns and […]

  3. 3 Things to Keep In Mind as a Non-First Gen or Low-Income Student Leader

    I dedicated the last two weeks this past summer to being a student leader for the incoming class of 2019. I’m an academic peer tutor, meaning that I serve as a residence-hall-based resource who fosters academic and personal well-being in the hall. As a low-income, first gen college student, I noticed that the standard summer […]

CSDI Calendar

  1. Mar 16

    Film Screening: DON’T TELL ANYONE

    A 24 year-old activist for undocumented youth steps out of the shadows and shares her story of sexual abuse, an experience all too common among undocumented women. Screenings at 12p and 5:30p | Jardine Room

  2. Apr 29

    Multicultural Recognition Program

    The event is designed to recognize multi-cultural student who are: graduating seniors, cultural student leaders, students on the dean’s list, and students with a 3.0+ GPA. Participation by invitation only.

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