Department of Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry Immersion Experience Program


While no immunizations are required by law for the countries we visit, JCU strongly encourages receiving immunizations recommended by the Center for Disease Control. The immersion program will offer an opportunity every semester to receive immunizations from a medical professional at JCU’s Health Center.

Students may choose to visit their own doctor. All immunizations must be paid for by the student participant. Immunizations costs are above and beyond the cost of the immersion.  The cost of visiting with the doctor at the Health Center is $37.50 plus the cost of the individual immunizations which average around $50 per shot.  A list of the current prices can be found here.

For information about recommended immunizations visit the Center for Disease Control website at:

Mark Your Calendars: On-Campus Immunization Clinic- for Winter 2015/16 Immersions, date TBD (likely late October)! 

If you would like to attend, please fill out the following form and return it to the Student Health Center by October 15 in order to hold your reservation.