Department of Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry Immersion Experience Program


How can I pay for an immersion experience?

Our goal is for students to pay as little out-of-pocket as possible. However, ultimately the student is responsible for complete payment of their experience by the established deadlines.

The JCU immersion program provides fundraising training and materials. Many students fundraise the entire cost of their experience. Our most effective method has been for participants to ask those they have personal connections with (family, friends, former teachers, church/parish, etc.) for financial assistance through letter writing. Any money raised by individuals above-and-beyond their costs can be applied to another participant who is in need. Money raised beyond the groups’ needs will be donated to agencies the group will come in contact with during their experience.

Letter Writing: (download these helpful documents)

Tips for Writing a Personal Fundraising Letter
3 Sample Letters

Fundraising deadlines:

The deadlines for receiving donations for your account are the same as the payment schedule.  That means that you should send out your fundraising letters early enough so that your donations will come in before the dates that payments are expected.  If your donations exceed the amount you owe, then no out-of-pocket payment is expected from you. There is an exception to this rule with the first payment date.  In lieu of your first payment, you may give us a stack of fundraising letters to send out for you.  We will accept these as your first payment.