Department of Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry Immersion Experience Program

Student Coordinator

What commitments do immersion experience Student Coordinators make?

1.  Aid in the recruiting of students for immersion experiences, including publicity.
2.  Aid in selection by interviewing students for experiences.
3.  Serve as liaison between students, faculty/staff liaisons, and Campus Ministry.

1.  Plan and implement preparation meetings in collaboration with faculty/staff liaisons.
2.  Meet regularly with Campus Ministry.
3.  Meet regularly with faculty/staff liaisons.
4.  Develop group dynamic through community building activities.
5.  Mobilize group to fully engage in established fundraising program activities.
6.  Assist Campus Ministry in implementing pre-immersion Retreat/Team-Building Day.

During the Immersion
1.  Promote values of immersion program through words and actions.
2.  Continue to build and monitor group dynamics.
3.  Model immersion program conduct guidelines stated in commitment form.
4.  Communicate with faculty/staff liaisons regarding problems and concerns.
5.  Work with faculty/staff liaisons to facilitate meaningful reflections grounded in the immersion values.
6.  Encourage and motivate participants to fully participate in the experience.
7.  Develop and manage a plan for equal distribution of group chores and responsibilities in collaboration with faculty/staff liaisons.

1.  Complete post-experience report and meeting.
2.  Work with faculty/staff liaisons and Campus Ministry to develop and facilitate post-immersion meetings and activities.

What are the necessary qualities and pre-requisites for a student coordinator?
1.  Participation in an immersion experience, ideally the experience the applicant is interested in coordinating.
2.  Demonstrated ability to work with fellow students, faculty/staff liaisons, and the administrators of the Immersion Experience Program.
3.  Outgoing personality and ability to foster community within a group of diverse individuals.
4.  Understanding of and commitment to the values of a JCU immersion experience (education, service, social justice, community, and spirituality).

What are the perks of being a student coordinator?
1.  In exchange for the work put into the preparation process, we give student coordinators a 25% discount on the cost of their immersion.
2.  Student coordinators are charged with helping to develop the itinerary of the experience, the reflection process, and the overall feel of the immersion. There can be great satisfaction in this sort of ownership of an experience.
3.  Development of leadership/facilitation skills.