Department of Campus Ministry

Immersion Experience Program

Faculty/Staff Leadership

What commitments do immersion experience Faculty/Staff leaders make?


Trip Preparation

1.  Aid in the recruitment of participants by promoting the immersion program.
2.  Assist with immersion development and participate in faculty/staff development opportunities.


1.  Meet regularly with Student Coordinators.
2.  Attend and participate in pre-trip preparation meetings.
3.  Assist Student Coordinators in planning and implementing preparation meetings.
4.  Develop experience itinerary in collaboration with Partnering Organization and Coordinating Office.
5.  Develop experience resource packet in collaboration with Coordinating Office.
6.  Participate in faculty/staff Leader Development Sessions.

During the Trip

1.  Serve as primary agent of the University in all situations.
2.  Respond to emergencies and communicate necessary information to Coordinating Office.
3.  Be present to participants throughout the experience.
4.  Promote and uphold the values of the immersion program.
5.  Model immersion program conduct guidelines identified in the commitment form.
6.  Work with Student Coordinators to facilitate meaningful reflections grounded in the immersion values.
7.  Encourage and motivate participants to fully participate in the experience.
8.  Develop and manage a plan for equal distribution of group chores and responsibilities in collaboration with Student Coordinators.


1.  Complete post-experience report and meeting.
2.  Work with SC’s and CO to develop and facilitate post-trip meetings and activities.