Department of Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry Immersion Experience Program

“The simple truth of JCU Immersions: they are eye-opening, life-changing weeks that indulge you in communal, service-based living, while breathing in God’s spirit in all that you do!” Courtney Farver, Director Recreation and Intramurals

Integral to a Jesuit Catholic education are immersion experiences which challenge students to engage the realities of the world while reflecting on the values of human dignity and servant leadership.

Students travel to domestic and international locations where they are exposed to issues of poverty and injustice while experiencing unique cultures and environments. They engage in direct service activities, participate in experiential learning, and make educational site visits – while living in the very communities that they are serving.

Preparation and post-immersion gatherings are an opportunity for students to learn and reflect about the people, issues, and realities they encounter, and can provide a way for a one-week experience to become a life-time transformation.

If you have questions, or would like more information please contact Julie Myers or Anne McGinness, Coordinators of Immersion Experiences.