Q: What are the benefits of WordPress?
A:  The number one benefit of WordPress is ease-of-use. Many in the industry regard it as the most user-friendly web content management system (CMS). If you can use Microsoft Word, you can edit and maintain your website in WordPress.

For JCU clients, the other main benefits are receiving expert web marketing, design, information architecture, coding, and analytics services for free (with the exception of video and freelance photography services, which are billed at cost).

Q:  How do I get a web project started with IMC?
A:  To help the IMC web team manage and keep track of all web-related work, please use our Web Project Request Form to notify us of your interest in starting a new web project.

Q:  How and when will I be trained to use WordPress?
A:  We begin with providing our WordPress training documents. If further training is needed, we assess that need on a case-by-case basis, and address with an email, call, or in-person meeting. The WordPress basics of adding/amending content, uploading images, and creating pages can be taught in less than an hour (many have learned the basics in less than 15 minutes).

Q:  How are web forms handled in WordPress?
A:  The IMC team uses several options for forms. For most departments, using Gravity Forms within WordPress will be your best option. If you do not see the menu item for forms, let us know and we can activate the plugin for you. If you need to provide a credit card transaction (event registration, donation, etc.) please submit a project request form and IMC will handle setting that up through Wufoo.

Q:  How are documents posted to WordPress websites?
A:  If you have a large catalog, presentation, or document to post to your website, we recommend that we post it as a PDF file (in lieu of posting a Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, or other type of file).

Q: How can I add images/photography to my website?
A: If you are looking for specific photos to support your department or school’s website content or print projects, you are invited to explore the University’s digital photo library. JCU Flight is John Carroll University’s digital asset management (DAM) system which provides a centralized cloud-based location to upload, download, and share electronic assets. It holds an accessible, visual database of photos for JCU groups to search and download for strategic use. The collection grows continually as new visual assets are added. Please visit JCU Photography Image Library to view our image library featuring hundreds of JCU-related photos. There is no cost to use this service; however, user registration is required prior to use.