Q: What are the benefits of WordPress?
A:  The number one benefit of WordPress is ease-of-use. Many in the industry regard it as the most user-friendly web content management system (CMS). If you can use Microsoft Word, you can edit and maintain your website in WordPress.

For JCU clients, the other main benefits are receiving expert web marketing, design, information architecture, coding, and analytics services for free (with the exception of video and freelance photography services, which are billed at cost).

Q:  How do I get a web project started with IMC?
A:  To help the IMC web team manage and keep track of all web-related work, please use our Web Project Request Form to notify us of your interest in starting a new web project.

Q:  How long does it take to create/redesign a website?
A:  We guarantee that your finished website will be both high quality and low cost. In order to provide high quality for low or no cost to the campus community, we do require at least one month lead time for the scope of most web projects. The time to produce a WordPress website varies greatly depending on three key factors:

  • The scope of your web project
    For example, a five page web “mircrosite” or web marketing landing page will take much less time than a full academic department web redesign.
  • The level of preparedness of our clients
    If our clients follow the web process checklist closely, we find that the process is very smooth and projects stay on-time and on-budget.
  • The capacity of the IMC web team
    At any given moment, the team has dozens of sites in development that vary greatly in complexity and institutional priority. (To see our most recent list of WordPress websites, visit our WordPress project status page.)

Q:  How much will it cost?
A:  Generally, all WordPress-based websites that we help JCU clients create are free (that includes the web consulting and production time of the IMC team, the use of WordPress, Google Analytics and related software, and much more). We do charge our JCU clients (at cost) for web-related video production work, photography, stock images, and other third party fees if applicable. These must be agreed upon with the client in advance before work begins.

Q:  How is the website creation process split between IMC and the client?
A:  Creating a website is a true partnership between IMC and our clients. It’s important that our clients are actively engaged in the process and use our web checklist as a means to define their web strategy and make it an effective tool in reaching their audiences. Some of our JCU clients are more web savvy than others and have rich experience in creating and maintaining web content. For others, this is their first time. We invest more of our resources in meeting our clients where they are and educating them about how professional websites are built from the ground up.

Q:  How and when will I be trained to use WordPress?
A:  IMC trains the key individual(s) on the client side as part of step nine of our 12 step web process, which is just before the pre-launch or “walkthrough” stage. The WordPress basics of adding/amending content, uploading images, and creating pages can be taught in less than an hour (many have learned the basics in less than 15 minutes). We also have posted a WordPress training guide to this website.

Q:  What happens to my old (non-WordPress) website when the new one is launched?
A:  Before your new site is launched, your old website is copied and backed-up so you can archive it and use it as a reference if the need ever arises.

Q:  How are web forms handled in the new system?
A:  The IMC team uses several options for forms. Most often, we use Wufoo Forms to quickly and professionally help you create and manage forms. Wufoo can handle everything from simple forms to more complicated transactions (such as online credit card payments and event registrations in a secure environment). To see an example, view Advancement’s online giving form.

Q:  How are documents posted to WordPress websites?
A:  If you have a large catalog, presentation, or document to post to your website, we recommend that we post it as a PDF file (in lieu of posting a Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, or other type of file).

Q:  I see a few JCU websites utilizing video. How can I integrate video into my site?
A:   There are two ways that the IMC team manages video.

  • In-house
    If the IMC team has the capacity and the scope of the video project does not involve a great deal of storyboarding, shooting locations, or other complexities, we can do it internally (usually for free).
  • Freelance
    If you have a large-scale video project that involves more than 2-3 people on-camera, multiple locations, or is not just one video but a series of videos (e.g. the Grad Studies video project), it is best to work with one of IMC’s third party video production partners. The IMC web team will serve as project managers for your video project, but the shooting and editing will be done by one of our partners for a fee determined before work begins.

Q: How can I add images/photography to my website?
A:  You can schedule a visit to view the IMC image library of thousands of JCU-related photos, or schedule a photoshoot. To see photography rates or to get on the photography schedule, visit our Photography page. Once you have your images, it’s easy to add them to your site using WordPress.