“[While] the evidence is largely anecdotal, our test scores are better and our teachers attest that IER is making them better teachers.” – Dr. Joffrey Jones, Euclid Superintendent

“IER is unlike any other professional development we have had here at TJ. In most professional development situations, teachers go to a workshop to gain information and then have to go back to their classrooms, alone, and try to implement what they have learned. With IER, the teachers gain the knowledge, but when they go back into their rooms to try what they have learned, they have an expert with them, modeling the strategies and providing feedback.   . . .  Our student achievement, especially in the area of reading, has continually increased since IER has been here . . . 81% of our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students passed the reading achievement test.  . . .  We credit IER with a lot of those results. Changing the way we teach reading is really paying off for all our children!” – Margaret Watson, Euclid Principal