One of the advantages of being part of the JCU family is that our staff members have access to some innovative group benefits that are not available on an individual basis. The Human Resources Department is pleased to partner with Combined Worksite Solutions (CWS) to offer two new voluntary benefits.

Accident Champion is a very cost-effective way to cover unexpected costs related to accidents. For as little as $2.57 per week, you get 24/7 coverage (both on and off work). The benefits pay directly to you. There is no coordination of benefits, and the benefits are in addition to other payments you may receive from medical coverage or Workers Comp.

One feature of Accident Champion is that there is no upper age limit, and the coverage is portable when you retire or change jobs. Even if you are at or near retirement age, you’re eligible and you could keep the coverage into your 90s if you choose! Of course, it’s a great value for all ages, including families with children involved in sports. The Sports Package (automatically included) pays a 25 percent greater benefit for accidents related to organized sports.

For details and pricing, please view the brochures below:

Accident Champion – GOLD Brochure
Accident Champion – DIAMOND Brochure

Lifetime Benefit Term (LBT) is permanent “term” life insurance—permanent because the benefit is guaranteed through age 120 with a fixed premium. But because it’s term insurance, LBT provides a higher benefit for a lower cost than other types of permanent coverage such as whole life or universal life.

The innovative design of LBT also provides the flexibility the cover the rising costs of long-term care. Traditional long-term care insurance is increasingly unaffordable or unavailable as providers exit the market. Many of us will need some form of long-term care, and LBT is an affordable and flexible way to fund all or part of that cost. Whatever amount is not used for long-term care will remain as life insurance for your beneficiaries.

CWS also has granted an important concession to JCU so that even part-time staff members (more than 17 hours/week) are eligible for LBT coverage. Rates will depend on your age and amount of coverage. We encourage you to sign up for a meeting with a benefits representative to see your individual rates. There is no obligation and it only takes a few minutes if you choose not to enroll.

For details, please view the brochure below.  Pricing is individualized and will be discussed in one-on-one sessions with a CWS representative.

Lifetime Benefit Term/Long-Term Care Brochure