The Technology Essentials

If you have any questions about any of the information below please contact the Information Technology Services Helpdesk at 216-397-3005.

Your John Carroll Security Credentials
To use most of John Carroll’s technology resources, you need to know your John Carroll security credentials. For example, the username and password that an employee is given on their first day of work will access their email account and campus domain account. The Personal Identification Number (PIN) and Banner ID number are also given to an employee on their first day and will provide access Banner Self-Service.

Your John Carroll Email Account
As a member of the JCU community an email account has been automatically created for you. You can check your email from any web browser anywhere in the world using webmail. This account can also be linked to Microsoft Outlook so that you can take advantage of its functionality while you are on the John Carroll network. For instructions on how to reset your email password click here.

Accessing the John Carroll Network
Once you are connected to the JCU network, you can browse the web, check your email, and access your department and personal drives. To access the network from off campus follow the instructions that can be found here.


Accessing Banner
Banner is the University Administrative system. Depending on what area you are in will determine what access you should be given. Your supervisor should complete this form and submit it to Charlotte Moore, database administrator, who is located in Rodman 113.


Banner Self-Service
Banner Self-Service is your link into your personal university information. After you access Banner Self-Service from here you can access your pay information, leave records and balances, and personal information. From here you can change your federal exemptions and mailing address. For more information on what information you can access and change visit our Banner Self-Service page.

Phone and Voicemail
All faculty, administrators, and most staff have a John Carroll phone number with voicemail. Learn how to check your voicemail, make phone calls, and more here.

Center for Digital Media (CDM)
The CDM is a joint collaboration between Information Technology Services and the Grasselli Library and Breen Learning Center. The goal of the center is to provide faculty and students with the resources they need to create sophisticated presentations, videos, graphics, and other forms of multimedia that can serve to enhance teaching, learning, research, and creativity at John Carroll.