Human Resources Department

Staff Performance Review Instructions

Employee Role:
1. Prepare for the discussion with your supervisor by having ready in advance of your review meeting:
a.  Any significant accomplishment(s) since your last review or within the most recent 12 months.
b. Goal accomplishment (to the extent you and your supervisor established formal goals and
tracked them for the recent 12 months).
c. Suggestions for goals for the upcoming review period, including a personal developmental goal.
d. An updated job description.

Note: It is not necessary to fill out a separate performance review form on yourself, provided you are prepared to discuss the above items.

Supervisor Role:
1.  Initate and conduct the formal performance review:
a. Schedule performance review meeting.
b. Ask for employee input-goals, significant accomplishments; updated job description.
c. Gather performance data, draft the review document on your own.
d. Discuss the draft review and recommended overall rating with your manager (next level)-prior to your discussion with the employee.
e. Note: if the overall rating is “needs improvement” contact the Office of HR prior to discussion with the employee.
f. Discuss performance with employee, set goals, update performance review form as needed; review and approve updated job description.
g. Collect comments, signature – send finalized documents to the Office of Human Resources.
2. Providing on-going formal and informal feedback on performance, goals and results.
3. Address performance issues with timely, confidential, honest and constructive feedback.

Next Level Manager Role:
1. Discuss with the supervisor the overall rating and reach consensus, if different.
2. Ensure goals are aligned with department/division.
3. Sign off the review document.

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