Human Resources Department

Electronic Personnel Action Forms (EPAFs)

The Electronic Personnel Action Form function of Banner allows for paperless processing of personnel actions.   EPAF’s are simple, concise, and allow many values or data elements to default into the form without manual data entry.  The EPAF enables users to process personnel actions rapidly, through an electronic approval queue, and provides an audit trail of all approval/disapproval history.

Self-Service EPAF will allow you to perform the following functions:
1. Enter and submit electronic transactions
2. Select your approval action
3. Track the transaction through the process
4. Add comments to a transaction

Advantages of Self Service EPAF
1. Provides a web-based front-end for processing personnel transactions
2. More user-friendly environment
3. Transactions are precessed in a timely manner
4. Email notifications assist with communication

Types of EPAF Users
1. Originators – can create and void EPAF transactions, but cannot approve an EPAF
2. Approvers – can approve or acknowledge EPAF transactions and identify a proxy when they are not available to perform an action

For Details on How to Create an EPAF please contact your HR representative.

Frequently Asked Questions