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Employee Recognition

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Employee Recognition

Employee recognition may be delivered in many ways through saying thank you, giving praise, providing opportunity, or showing respect. Many studies on the work place have shown that being recognized for achievements, knowing that one’s contributions matter to the organization, and the opportunity for growth and professional development have a considerable impact on employee engagement, satisfaction and commitment.

Recognition is most effective when it takes place on a regular basis and in a variety of different ways. It is also important that recognition activities be aligned with the culture of your unit or department. The John Carroll University Employee Recognition Program provides you different opportunities for acknowledging staff members, peers and colleagues.

Informal Recognition
Ideas for informal, on the spot recognition activities for individuals, teams and work groups.

Formal Recognition
Develop a department or division-wide formal recognition program that recognizes significant accomplishments.

Recognition Programs

  • Silver Circle recognizes faculty and staff for 25 years of dedicated service to the University.
  • Employee Service Award – The John Carroll University Staff Service Award is to recognize individuals for outstanding service to the community in representing a “faith that does justice.”

Employee Recognition FAQs