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John Carroll University provides a broad and competitive range of benefits in order to promote the health and general well-being of is workforce. All employees are encouraged to take advantage of the many benefits offered to them while employed at the University. Information located at corresponding links below are intended to highlight key benefit plan features, the actual plan documents (contracts and certificates) are controlling.

Faculty Starting Prior to 1/1/2013 
Benefit Booklet for Faculty starting prior to 01/01/2013  
Benefit Summary for Faculty starting prior to 01/01/2013 (Including 2014 Rates)

Faculty Starting On/After 01/01/2013
Benefit Booklet for Faculty starting on/after 01/01/2013
Benefit Summary for Faculty starting on/after 01/01/2013 (including 2014 Rates)

Faculty Starting On/After 01/01/2014
Benefit Booklet for Faculty starting on/after 01/01/2014
Benefit Summary for Faculty starting on/after 01/01/2014
2014 Tiered Medical Rates

Staff-Exempt and Non-Exempt
Benefit Details

2014 Staff Benefit Summary
Tiered Medical Rates

Benefit Provider Contact List


Full-time regular employees (including full-time faculty) are eligible to participate in benefit programs. New hires are eligible at time of hire (some benefits may have a waiting period). All employees can change their benefit elections annually through open enrollment which occurs in the Fall. Unless otherwise indicated, elected benefits are effective the first of the month following the first day of work.

If you have any questions you may contact Ryan Armsworthy at 216.397.1576.