There has been a new change on how unused vacation time will be handled.  The following has been added to both the exempt and non-exempt vacation policies:

For the health and well-being of the University’s employees, the University encourages all employees to take their vacation within the calendar year in which it accrues.   Vacations are scheduled at the mutual convenience of the department and the employee.  In the event special work demands prevent an employee from taking all available vacation days, a request may be made to carry over up to 5 days of vacation into the following vacation year.  The vacation carryover days must be used by the end of May in the following vacation year or will be forfeited. There is no provision for pay in lieu of earned vacation except at termination.  A request to carry over accrued but unused vacation time, including a rationale, must be submitted no later than the second week of December to the immediate supervisor, and then up through the Division VP and Human Resources for final approval.  If approved the carryover vacation hours will be added to the employee’s vacation balance in the Banner self-service site.

Vacation Carryover Request Form

Posted on August 15, 2014