Guidelines for Hiring Student Summer Employees

We recognize that student employment, both in summer and during the academic year, is essential to supporting our many services.

Significant care has been exercised over the past five years to carefully consider student hiring needs, particularly for the summer season.  We again ask that you limit temporary summer hiring to those functions that are deemed most critical.  Savings generated from reduced summer hiring will be used to help maintain student employment levels during the regular academic year.

The following Guidelines for Hiring JCU Student Summer Employees have been designed to assist in the employment of JCU students for the summer season. Students are permitted to work May 11, 2014 through August 30, 2014. All necessary forms and instructions can be found on the Human Resources website (

As in the past, we are requiring a more robust justification process including not only why this hiring is necessary, but also what would be the impact if the hiring was not approved.

All requests for summer employment must be approved in advance by the appropriate Dean and division Vice President.

  • The amount requested should be targeted to be lower than the actual expenditure or budgeted amounts for 2013 – 2014.
  • Please forward all completed and signed forms to the Office of Human Resources.
  • To control costs, all requests must be accompanied by the Summer Hire Calculation Worksheet. Again, the total cost should not exceed the lower of the actual expenditure or budgeted amounts of 2013-2014.  Review your organization’s budget in Account 60660.
  • All student summer employees must be registered for the 2014 Fall Semester at John Carroll University.
  • New student employees cannot work if required documentation has not been completed (I-9, Federal & State Tax Forms and bank routing/account numbers for direct deposit).
  • Pay will not be generated if these forms have not been completed.
  • The wage rate for 2014 is $7.95 per hour for first time employees or those who are not returning to the same department; $8.20 per hour for employees returning to the same department as last year.

The Human Resources website includes a chart to illustrate the necessary forms, eligibility, required documentation, compensation and reporting time worked.  Please contact Pat Thompson at extension 1726 if you have any questions. Human Resources offers assistance if you are hiring several new employees.

Any exceptions to the Guidelines for Hiring JCU Student Summer Employees must be approved in advance by the Vice President for Finance.

Guidelines For Hiring Student Summer Employees
Summer Calculation Worksheet
Departmental Summer Hire Request Form
New Student Summer Hire Status Form
Summer Student Returning Status Form
Student Direct Deposit Form

Posted on March 25, 2014