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  1. Medical Mutual Health and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Arrangements

    If you still have funds available in a Flexible Spending Arrangement (FSA) from 2018, you can still get reimbursed. Services incurred from January 1, 2018 through March 15th, 2019 are eligible for reimbursement to your 2018 accounts until May 31, 2019. For details and instructions on how to claim your reimbursement, please go to the […]

  2. Summary Annual Report

    To comply with requirements established by the Employee Retirement Income and Security Act (ERISA) of 1974, this is notification of the University’s retirement plan summary annual reports for the plan year January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017”

  3. TIAA Campus Visits

    Take advantage of the opportunity to have an individual counseling session with a representative from TIAA.

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