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  1. Summary Annual Report

    To comply with requirements established by the Employee Retirement Income and Security Act (ERISA) of 1974, this is notification of the University’s retirement plan summary annual reports for the plan year January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2016” John Carroll University Defined Contribution Plan John Carroll University Tax Deferred Annuity Plan

  2. Important Notice from John Carroll University About Your Prescription Drug Coverage and Medicare

    October 10, 2017 To: All Medicare Eligible Employees Subject: Annual Medicare Creditable Coverage Disclosure Notice The University is required to provide Medicare eligible employees an annual disclosure about the drug coverage provided by the medical Plans it sponsors.  This attached notice provides information about the coverage offered by the University and options you have during […]

  3. TIAA Campus Visits

    Take advantage of the opportunity to have an individual counseling session with a representative from TIAA.

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