Below you will find links to recent Senior Honors Project proposals that have been identified as exemplary.  These proposals are intended to provide students embarking on the process concrete models of the genre and a sense of the breadth and depth required to meet Honors Program requirements.

These proposals should not be seen as templates or the single possible approach to fulfilling the requirements of the Honors Program in a given discipline.  The Humanities, Social and Natural Sciences, and Business all have conventions that may require a proposal to take on a different format or to focus more on one area than another.  In general, these proposals are exemplary because they are well written and informed by adequate preliminary research.  They also clearly outline a feasible project to be accomplished, and identify the contribution it will make to academically grounded work on the subject.  Finally, these proposals attend to all of the requirements of the Honors Program, and subsequently resulted in successfully completed projects.

Students who share their proposals do so with the intent of helping other students complete the Senior Honors Project successfully at John Carroll.  They see their research as their own valuable intellectual property which should be respected as such.  All components of the Senior Honors Project, including the Senior Honors Project proposal, should be completed in compliance with policies on academic honesty at John Carroll University as outlined in the Undergraduate Bulletin.