Once admitted to the program, you are expected to maintain active participation and to demonstrate a commitment to high academic standards and intellectual growth. Your progress toward completion of the honors requirements will be subject to periodic review.

All students, including honors students, must satisfy the graduation requirements of the University, as specified in the Undergraduate Bulletin. To graduate from the Honors Program, honors students must also satisfy the following requirements.

First-Year Honors Colloquium (HP 101)

This seminar is required of all entering first-year students. It is offered each spring semester.

Students who enter the Honors Program after the first year may take HP 101 or substitute another HP course for the First-Year Honors Colloquium.

“H” Courses

An honors student must take at least six H courses: at least two must be above the “intro level” (i.e. 100-level); and at least three must be from three different divisions of the core. It is strongly recommended that at least one of these courses be a 300-level (or above) course. These H courses are normally three-credit courses; an honors student is allowed to take no more than one two-credit H course; one-credit courses do not count as one of the six H courses.  More information on H courses is available at: http://sites.jcu.edu/honors/pages/courses/.

HP classes and seminars at the 200, 300, or 400-level may replace one or more of the required H courses.  However, HP 101 and 450 may not be counted among these six H courses. One Honors Option course may replace one of the H course requirements. Specific guidelines and procedures for the Honors Option are available from the director.

H and HP courses may satisfy part of the University Core or major, minor, or concentration requirements as well as part of the requirements for the Honors Program, and thus they may serve two purposes.

Additional Competency

To demonstrate that they have built a broader perspective from which to reflect on the world and its needs, all Honors students must complete an additional competency beyond their major program. Students may not use coursework required for their major to fulfill the additional competency, with the exception of study abroad.  This requirement may be met in a number of ways: through a second major, a minor, or a University-recognized interdisciplinary concentration; through a semester or more of University-approved study abroad credit (12 or more credits); through a year of language (six or more credits) beyond the intermediate level; or through a year of calculus (from the sequence MT 135H-136H-233 or equivalent). At least one half of the credits used to meet this requirement must be met through coursework at John Carroll University or an approved study abroad program.

Senior Honors Project

Students must complete a senior project with a faculty advisor, which is submitted to the Honors Program for approval. Students may register either within a department or for HP 450 (Senior Honors Project). Students should normally register for HP 450 (or its equivalent) in the fall semester of their senior year. Guidelines for proposals and procedures are available on the Forms page of the Honors Program Website.

Maintain a 3.50 GPA

Students must attain a 3.50 GPA to graduate from the Honors program, and are expected to maintain a GPA consistent with this requirement. Students who fail to meet this requirement will be placed on Academic Watch. More information on Academic Watch is available here.