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Tuesday, April 14, 9:00-11:00 pm in the Underground

co-hosted with the 14th Annual Celebration of Scholarship!

Presenters included:

  • Jessica Bou-Anak ’16, “A Little Piece of the Middle East at JCU!”
  • Eleanor Axson ’15, “Learning from Incan Agriculture: How The Inca Accomplished Highly Productive AND Sustainable Farming Before It Was Fashionable.”
  • Ms. Cathy Anson, Director of Sponsored Research, “Bright, Shiny Things”
  • Rebecca Ries-Roncalli ’18, “A Year in Belgium”
  • Dr. Todd Bruce, Director of Assessment: “Wonder Woman: Women and Power from 1941 to Today”
  • Caroline Hall ’16, “A Positive Change: How Yoga Affects Your Mind, Body, and Happiness”
  • Megan Wilson-Reitz, Honors Program Assistant, “Ten Steps for Detoxing the Bible”

Thanks to all of our participants and audience members for being a part of this inaugural event!

See photos of this event: