1. HP 101 First-Year Honors Colloquium (3 credits)
    Required of honor students, the course is interdisciplinary in approach, employing and enhancing problem solving and critical thinking skills, emphasizing communication in written and oral forms, and rigorous in expectations of students. Usually team-taught by members of the Honors Committee from different disciplines bringing their expertise to a focused topic.

  2. HP 300 Interdisciplinary Seminars (3 credits)
    The Honors Program supports the offering of interdisciplinary and team-taught courses by members of the University faculty. Such courses offer unique experiences for all students of the University but are sometimes difficult to fit under the rubric of a single department. In order to encourage such courses, the Honors Program offers the HP designation as a “home” for such courses.

  3. Cross-listed Courses – HP 290, HP 390, HP 490 (1-3 credits)
    The Honors Program encourages the cross-listing of departmental courses with the Honors Program. Particular classes thought to be applicable to a broader audience, to present an unusual topic, to be an unusual approach to a topic, or to be of special relevance to the Honors Program, may be cross-listed with the Honors Program.

  4. Honors Independent Research – HP 398 (1-3 credits)
    This course allows for an independent study or research project done under the direction of a faculty advisor and approved by the director of the Honors Program. See the director for further details. This course does not substitute for the Senior Project requirement. More information, including instructions and the contract form can be found on the Forms page.

  5. Directed Readings – HP 399 (1-3 credits)
    This course is designed to facilitate extensive reading or study in a particular area which is not taught as a course at John Carroll. A student, with the approval of a faculty advisor and the director, may arrange to take this course. See the director for more details. More information, including instructions and the contract form can be found on the Forms page.