Honors Option Guidelines

In order to increase the choices students have in completing the requirements of the Honors Program, students may include Honors Option courses among their required six H courses.

The Honors Option should most often be used to link students’ work in the Honors Program to their majors, and to help them prepare for their Honors Senior Projects. Thus, in most cases, students should use the H option within the major.

The student:

  1. Must be in good standing in the honors program and must have a 3.5 overall GPA
  2. Must have completed HP 101 and 4 additional regularly scheduled H or HP courses

The contract:

  1. Must be initiated by the student(s) and signed by the instructor before submission to the Director of the Honors program. Students may submit joint contracts for a single course.
  2. Should be submitted by the end of the pre-registration period for the class (especially necessary for experimental work in the sciences); in no circumstances will an Honors Option be approved after the end of the second week of the class.
  3. Must detail how the student(s) will be actively engaged in learning within the course, including the articulation of their ideas orally and in writing. Simply adding to reading and writing assignments is not sufficient for the Honors Option.

Examples of student activities that could be used to support the Honors Option include:

  1. critical reflection on the choices made in the classroom both pedagogically and substantively.
  2. use of primary sources not required as part of the standard class requirements.
  3. presentation of course materials or research to the class.
  4. facilitation of class discussions.
  5. tutoring other students in the class.
  6. performing and reporting on experiments or computer simulations not required as part of the standard class.

Courses appropriate to the Honors Option:

  1. Must be 3 credits or more.
  2. Must not be generally available as a H section.
  3. Should be limited in enrollment. If the course enrollment is expected to be more than 20 students, the contract must specify how the student will be expected to demonstrate active engagement in the course.
  4. Should generally be above the introductory level (at least 200-level, in most cases 300 or 400-level). If the course is introductory (100-level), the contract must specify how the course is necessary to the student’s program.

The H option contract may be downloaded here.