Honors Program

Are you CURIOUS about the world around you? 

Our Honors Program students learn to ask and answer questions well, to put their curiosity into the right kinds of questions so that they can satisfy it.

Are you ENGAGED in your own learning?

Our Honors Program students learn to see the whole world as their classroom, always seeking out opportunities to learn something new.


Our Honors Program students learn to examine all sides of an issue, consider all answers to a question, and to apply the rules of critical analysis to the results, in keeping with the Jesuit tradition of encouraging students to “ask any question, consider any answer, then act on that answer.”

Are you ELOQUENT about that which matters most to you?

Our Honors Program students cultivate the Jesuit art of eloquentia perfecta, “rhetorical eloquence,” in order to communicate clearly and articulately the questions and answers that are most important.

If these questions describe you, we want you in the Honors Program!