Homecoming and Family Weekend

The Biaglow Family

One hundred and Ninety miles separate the Biaglow family.  My father commutes from Detroit to Cleveland twice a week.  My mom works hard to make sure the life I live is possible.   I live roughly three hours away from my mother in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, yet it feels she is right beside me while I am studying here at John Carroll University.  My parents instilled wholesome values upon me and my two sisters, even when those values seemed to die to popular culture.  My family is the John Carroll University family of the year, because my parents embody the very nature of the Jesuit mission.

My parents are Jesuits because they value education immensely.  When the economy failed in late 2007, my father had to find a new job and my mom also had to get a job for the first time in roughly twenty years.  My mom does not even have a college degree, but she attended night schools regularly to increase her knowledge.   Yet, they persevered.   My parents did so because they considered their children’s education more important than anything else.  My two sisters and I attended one of the best school systems in the country.  My parents could have moved the family anywhere else in the country and ease their financial burden due to Grosse Pointe’s high cost of living, yet they chose to remain in Grosse Pointe to make sure that all three of their children received the best high school education obtainable.  My parents are Jesuits because they put their children’s well-being above their own.  They fought an endless battle, just like how St. Ignatius had his crusade against ignorance.

My parents’ undying support of education makes them the John Carroll University family of the year.  Their dedication towards their children’s futures fits right into JCU’s ideal for the future.  Support isn’t measured in donations, fan gear or with social media posts; it’s with love.  My parents support me through my college years completely, making them the John Carroll University family of the year.

John Biaglow