Degrees: Ph.D., Yale University

Experience: More than 25 years at John Carroll, 40 years and counting of overall career experience.

Teaching Fields: American Colonial, Revolutionary, and Early National; U.S. Constitutional; American Sports.

Research Interests: The intersection between American higher education and political thought, especially during the eras of the revolution and the antebellum period.

Major Publications: “Educating Republicans: The College during the Era of the American Revolution, 1750-1800;” several articles treating early American higher education; several articles treating the American experiences of Reverand Charles Nisbet, first President of Dickinson College.

Current Research: “Pelican in the Wilderness,” a monograph treating the American career of Reverand Charles Nisbet; as yet untitled project exploring the connection between higher education and the coming of the Civil War.

Personal Interests: College sports, tennis, sports cars and sports car racing, films, and music, especially classical.