Master’s Theses

Daniel Vermilya, work-in-progress (Advisor: Robson)

  • “Buckeyes in Georgia: The Experiences, Motivations, and Remberances of Ohio Soldiers in Sherman’s Army”

Amanda Sideris, defended May 2010 (Advisor: McAndrew)

  • “More Than A Burning River: Cleveland’s Environmental History, 1850-1969”

Julio Popovsky, defended May 2010 (Advisor: Anne Kugler)

  • “Napoleon and the Jews”

Amanda Cavanagh, defended 2010 (Advisor: Daniel Kilbride)

  • “The Catholic Threat: Nativism in Cleveland during the 1850s”

Zachary D. Hall, defended 2009 (Advisor: Paul V. Murphy)

  • The Progressive Catholic Reform Beliefs of Michelangelo Buonarroti”

Joseph Filious, defended 2009 (advisor: Daniel Kilbride)

  • “The Challenge of Toleration: How a Minority Religion Adapted in the New Republic”

Sara Bess Ziemba, defended 2009 (Advisor: David Robson)

  • “Self Above Sisterhood: Religion, Gender, and Autonomy in Puritan New England, 1630-1700”

Susan Quinn, defended 2009 (Advisor: David Robson)

  • “The American Revolution: A Presentation of Political and Social Influences”

James B. Thompson, defended 2009 (Advisor: David Robson)

  • “Jonathan Myrick Daniels: The Making of a Contemporary Martyr and the Legacy He Left Behind”

Tracy Shuman, defended 2009 (Advisor: David Robson)

  • “The Legal History of Affirmative Action in Higher Eduction”

Jordan Samsonas, defended 2009 (Advisor: Daniel Kilbride)

  • Antebellum America, Unit One: “The Era of Good Feelings, 1815-1825” (lesson plan).

Rory L. O’Neil, defended 2009 (Advisor: Matthew  Berg)

  • “How Did the U.S. Become Involved? U.S. Foreign Policy in Northern Ireland Before the Clinton Administration”

Brad Neglescu, defended 2009 (Advisor: Sven Dubie)

  • “Why We Failed: The Rise of Islamic Extremism and Why We Failed to Stop It”

Ralph A. Lenz, defended 2009 (Advisor: Daniel Kilbride)

  • “Revival and Religion in Antebellum America”

Timothy Daley, defended 2009 (Advisor: Daniel Kilbride)

  • “Meet Me at the Fair: The Northern Ohio Sanitary Fair of the Cleveland Chapter of the United States Sanitary Commission”

Nicholas C. Chiordan, defended 2009 (Advisor: David Robson)

  • Wheels of Power: The Diagnosis and Treatment of ‘Shell Shock’ in Britain, 1914-1918″

Master’s Essays

Deanna L. DePenti, defended December 2010 (Advisor: McAndrew)

  • “Women in Law Enforcement: The Cleveland Police Women’s Bureau”