Welcome to the History Department at John Carroll University.

The History Department offers a large range of courses that stem from the active research programs of its faculty. These courses emphasize active learning, critical thinking, and engagement with primary sources.  Our faculty is constantly developing new courses as their scholarship takes new directions.  Those courses include:

  • The Spanish Armada
  • Saints and Scoundrels (the Jesuits)
  • World War I & Modernity
  • Atlantic World to 1700
  • Childhood in American History
  • Japanese Popular Culture
  • African History through Autobiography
  • Berlin: From Reich to Republic
    (in Berlin over Spring Break)
  • Rome:  City of Emperors, Popes and Saints
    (in Rome over Spring Break)
  • Slavery and Abolition
  • Che Guevara: The Man, The Icon, His Times
  • Nazi Germany: Origins, Structures, Consequences
  • The Civil War and Reconsturction
  • French Revolution and Napoleon
  • History on Film

Two classes, Historical Methods and Senior Seminar, feature hands-on learning, and our Internship program exposes students to the management of historical societies, from display design to fund raising.

In our classes you’ll wrestle with interpreting primary sources, engage in discussion and debate and, most important, hone your skills in critical thinking, writing, and public speaking.  You will learn skills that are transferable to any number of careers, as the experiences of History Department alumni demonstrate.  For a list of courses that the History Department offers, click here.

Check out our Major Requirements here.

** For those majors who enrolled at John Carroll University before 2015, please check out the major requirements here.

To declare a history major, complete the declaration of major form here. Bring a copy to the department administrative assistant or Chair along with a degree evaluation printed from Banner, and that’s it!

To read about how History does pay, click here to find out the Kerner Scholarship that History Majors may apply for.