College of Arts and Sciences

Department of History

With its small classes and strong mission, John Carroll is an outstanding place to study history and other humanities. We are a dynamic department offering a wide variety of courses –often new ones — in African, Asian, European, Latin American, and U.S. history.  You will discover courses that cross national boundaries or span time periods, from the ancient world to the modern era.  Our faculty are not just excellent teachers but active researchers with many articles and books to their credit.  The History Major is structured to allow students to pursue research projects in areas of their interest.  It is also manageable enough (39 credits, or 13 courses) to easily double major or minor in one or more fields.  That reasonable size also makes it easy to participate in JCU’s 5-year MBA program.

The History Department takes special care to prepare our majors for the world after John Carroll.  What can you do with a History Major?  Pretty much anything.  Our graduates have gone on to pursue a dizzying diversity of careers in the law, business, education, government, community service, politics — and a lot more.  The History Department at John Carroll has established a mentoring network with our graduates.  We put our alumni in the law in contact with students interested in legal careers so they can help mentor them through the law school application process.  Alums in business fields, many of whom have earned MBA degrees, assist students seeking entry into the business world. And alumni who have gone on to graduate school — in all kinds of fields — work with our students to allow them to put their best foot forward.  If you love history but fear that majoring in it will hamper your career prospects, have no fear — our alumni have you covered.  For accounts from some of these alumni, click on the Success Stories tab.

Naturally, the History Department is on social media.  Follow us on Facebook and on Twitter @JCUhistory.