John Carroll University (JCU) and the Student Health and Wellness Center supports the Catholic Church’s views on the sanctity of life at all stages and is committed to offering students resources that support their pregnancy.

In keeping with Catholic tradition and teachings, voluntary termination of pregnancy will not be offered at the JCU Student Health and Wellness Center nor will referrals for termination be made. In addition, the JCU Student Health and Wellness Center will not distribute contraceptives or contraceptive devices in any form, although providers at the Center may, as appropriate and necessary, prescribe medications for the treatment of a documented condition.

Campus Resources
Student Health and Wellness Center:
Located lower level, Murphy Hall – Phone 216.397.4349
The Health and Wellness Center Nurses will advocate for pregnant students to access resources on and off campus to meet their health needs and other support services.

Campus Ministry:
Located on the First Floor of the D.J. Lombardo Student Center – Phone 216.397.4717
Campus Ministry welcomes the opportunity to be of assistance to pregnant students who will meet with trained pastoral ministers in a caring, supportive, non-judgmental environment to consider the spiritual dimensions. Also, Campus Ministry will connect students with individuals from their own faith to discuss specific faith traditions and offer spiritual support.

University Counseling Center:
Located at 2567 South Belvoir Blvd. (second house from tennis courts) – Phone 216.397.4283.
The Counseling Center can assist students in developing greater self-understanding and help resolve issues that interfere with students optimal personal functioning.

Residence Life:
Office of Residence Life – Located on the Ground Floor of the D.J. Lombardo Student Center– Phone 216.397.4408
Pregnant students are able to and encouraged to continue to live in the residence halls. Depending on availability and need, a private room with bathroom may be provided to a pregnant student. JCU does not allow infants or children to live on campus with their parents. Student Health Center and Residence Life staff will assist parenting students in securing housing off campus.

Financial Aid:
Located in Rodman Hall, second floor – 216.397.4248
Pregnant students should contact the Office of Financial Aid to determine if they are eligible for additional consideration for financial aid.

Local Resources
Located at 5400 Transportation Boulevard, Suite 10, Cleveland, Ohio, 44125-5324 – Phone 216.662.5700 Womankind Maternal and Prenatal Care Center provides a free prenatal clinic staffed primarily by loving and non-judgmental volunteers as the way to meet the medical and emotional needs of women who are pregnant or think they might be. Womankind helps with referrals for issues such as adoption, legal and psychiatric assistance, and drug treatment. They provide comprehensive prenatal care combined with education and emotional support. Womankind is confidential, comprehensive, and compassionate and meets current standards of care.

Maggie’s Place:
Located in Cleveland, Ohio – Phone 440.886.2620
Maggie’s Place is a community of homes that provide hospitality for pregnant women that are alone. Maggie’s Place provides for the immediate physical and emotional needs of a pregnant woman including shelter, food, clothing, and a supportive community. Also, Maggie’s Place will connect the expectant woman to the appropriate agencies and resources including prenatal care, health insurance, low-cost housing, and education programs.

Located at 960 East 185th Street, Cleveland, Ohio, 44119                      Phone 216.486.2800
Birthright takes a confidential, “non-moralistic, non-judgmental” approach toward helping women through their pregnancy dilemmas. Birthright offers free pregnancy testing, friendship and emotional support, legal, medical, and educational referrals, prenatal information, maternity and baby clothes, housing referrals, social agency referrals, information on other community services, and adoption information.

Located at 14077 Cedar Road #100, South Euclid, Ohio, 44118             Phone 216.371.4848
Alternaterm Pregnancy Services strives to be a Christ-centered ministry that provides a safe, non-judgmental environment for women and couples facing unexpected pregnancies. Services include pregnancy tests/prenatal care, peer counseling, educational classes (childbirth/parenting), screening for STI’s and practical support (prenatal vitamins and maternity/infant clothing). They are part of a national network committed to providing quality care, accurate information, and a place of hope during what may be a challenging time

Bethesda-the House of Mercy:
Located in Chippewa Lake, Ohio, 44215 – Phone 800.482.4100
Bethesda the House of Mercy is a ministry of mercy and reconciliation. They provide a community of healing and hope for persons wounded by abortion, through one-on-one peer support, telephone crisis intervention, printed materials, sacrament of reconciliation, liturgy, annual retreats, and other healing services.