Fraternities and sororities offer many resources and programs to facilitate the learning process for their members. Minimum GPAs are required in each chapter for affiliation, initiation, and maintenance of good standing. Most groups offer study tables to encourage cooperative and quiet studying among chapter members. Order of Omega plans semi-annual Scholarship Receptions, which recognize excellence in scholastics, both on an individual and chapter level.

Many chapters have members who share majors, which help to promote study groups and peer tutoring. Several of our fraternities and sororities have strong faculty advisors who assist in academic programming for the chapters. This helps members to develop that critical relationship with faculty members outside of the classroom.

Students sometimes forget exactly why they are in college and have to be reminded that they are here for academics. There is a time for work and a time for fun. Greeks know the difference and make academics a priority. This is demonstrated by Greek students having a higher GPA than the general JCU student population.