Fraternity and Sorority Life provides an excellent place to gain the experience and knowledge necessary to develop strong leadership skills. JCU’s Greek community is self-governing which gives student leaders a great opportunity to set policies and standards for their own organization, as well as the two governing councils. Serving as an officer or committee chair in a chapter or council executive board develops leadership skills in the areas of self-responsibility, time management, decision-making, and organization. Each January, the newly elected Greek student leaders participate in the JCU annual Officer Transition Weekend, which helps develop leadership skills needed for the upcoming year.

Being a member of a fraternity or sorority also provides a conduit for involvement in other areas of campus such as Student Union, clubs, organizations, intramurals, and honoraries. Greeks have a history of obtaining top leadership positions on campus.

Nationally, numerous chapters provide opportunities for their members to attend regional and national leadership training conferences. Additionally, each year we send a delegation of Greek student leaders to the annual Mid-American Greek Conference, a conference for all Greek student leaders from hundreds of campuses from throughout the country.